Friday, September 14, 2018


I've decided to improve my Natural Language Processing (NLP) skills so I can do my own sentiment analysis on reports by the press (NPR, NY Times, CBS, FOX, etc.).

I'm doing this because in 8 years I heard maybe 10 criticisms of Obama.  Not bad.  Ten mistakes in 8 years.  Would make him the best president of all time based on what the press published.

At this point, I have not heard ten positive things about Trump and Bush combined.

  • The economy is the best in a decade.  No matter what aspect you consider.  Inflation.  Growth.  Employment.  Profitability.  The markets.  All doing good.
  • We are at a low point in military conflict in a decade.
  • Crime is essentially the same.  Certainly not worse.
  • Civil rights for women are at an inflection point with the Me Too movement
The left and press obviously loath Trump, but other than the mental stability of the left nothing has worsened, and the economy is much better.  There appears to be a disconnect between conditions and how the press report conditions.  

Null hypothesis...  
  • There is no difference in how the press treat Democrats and Republicans
  • sentiment analysis of language used when reporting these topics: economy, crime, civil rights, military conflict    
    • positive/negative word use
    • passive/aggressive word use
    • ratio of superlatives used
    • interruption frequency

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